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Welcome to A Stronger Knot! We are Aaron and Hannah Bunker and we have been on this crazy relationship journey together for well over a decade. Since the beginning we knew that being in a relationship would take work but that the work is beautiful and worth the fight.  From the moment we met in college, we had the vision that we would work together some day to run some sort of support for couples, marriages, relationships, and families. It’s been our heart from the moment we started dating. We were sort of naive like that – two youngins, not even out of college, who worked hard at loving each other well and desperately wanted to help others learn to love each other well. We knew we had a lot of work to do, but the heart was always there to do this well and serve…together. We’ve had a lot of work to do since then. It hasn’t been easy. We continue to do the work and will continue for the rest of our lives. Marriage isn’t meant to be stagnant. It’s always moving forward. But the continual work hasn’t stopped us from wanting to help couples grow and learn in their relationship. It’s just on-the-job type of action that we’re doing here. Living life, working in our own marriage, and serving and encouraging others in theirs.

A Stronger Knot is designed with the idea that although we are all different people, we can all have a marriage and family that continues to grow together with each other when we work from our identity in Christ and support our partner’s identity in Christ. We so desperately want to see couples love each other well, encourage each other in their identity, fight healthy, be self-aware, and love Jesus. It’s a mighty task. We know; we live it. We’re on this journey with you, constantly being transformed like the Bible says (Ephesians 4:20-24, 2 Corinthians 3:18), individually and in our marriage. We’re all a work in progress. We will be until we’re done here on earth. But we are capable of growing exponentially in our relationships with each other and with Christ, and that’s why we’re here to serve. Because that’s our desire.

Along with this website, we also work together to host A Stronger Knot podcast (coming soon!).

Aaron has also written a book, A Stronger Knot, that you can read about and purchase here.

Thank you for letting us into your home. We consider it an honor to serve you. We love people and are excited about the opportunity to grow our extended community through the online world. Know this: We love you and are excited to partner with you to help your marriage thrive. We’re rooting for you.

Much Love,
Aaron and Hannah

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A bit about Aaron…

As a licensed professional counselor, Aaron is daily on the front lines with couples working to help their marriages succeed. He enjoys having one on one deep conversations that are encouraging and challenging towards a person’s growth. He has a passion for helping making marriages stronger in order for them to look more like Christ. He has spent the last several years in full time counseling, working in both a church setting and secular private practice and desires to use this space to reach a bigger audience in order to help more marriages. If you stabbed Aaron he would bleed coffee. But please don’t do that. Aaron watches sports when he can and enjoys a round of golf if time allows. Aaron is honored to be the father of his twin kiddos who continue to remind him that he is imperfect in his love for them and that he has to lean on the perfect love of Christ in order to be an example for them.

Spiritual motivation: Exhortation
Myers Briggs: ESFJ

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A bit about Hannah…

With a degree in theatre and creative writing, creating runs deep in Hannah’s veins. While she has a lot of valuable content to offer this space, Hannah is the creative tech brain behind A Stronger Knot. She’s spent most of her adult life in some sort of media production (theatre, photography, writing) before staying home with their twins and to help run Aaron’s counseling practice. Her goal is to live a fearless life where she works hard bringing to life ideas that make their home in her vivid imagination. She loves making videos, taking photos, writing, and constantly rearranging and redecorating their home. She is passionate about Jesus, environmental issues, and minimalism. When she’s not mothering or creating, you can find Hannah at any local coffee shop fueling her adoration for a gourmet cup of joe or stuck in traffic on the Houston freeways belting Adele.


Spiritual motivation: Mercy
Myers Briggs: INFP

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