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A Stronger Knot, The Book

Coming fall 2017

Tied the knot? Create a stronger knot in your marriage with practical, tangible tools to help your marriage become the knot you desire.

In our home we prayerfully created a list of family rules that govern the way we live life. After years of implementing these rules within our own family, we have taken these nine family rules and elaborated on how to apply them to marriage to help create healthy, whole dynamics within a family. As opposed to telling spouses and families what they are doing is incorrect or not going to work, we have intentionally made these family rules positive which, when applied to marriage, the positivity makes goals achievable. In the book we create a safe environment free of shame or judgement in order to successfully strive for wholeness, individually and maritally, because we have determined that the only way to live in a healthy marriage is to be vulnerable. Through the course of the book, we’ll show readers how to do so by including stories of pain and suffering as well as stories of victories and successes.

We give the readers an inside look at what it looks like to apply these rules on an everyday basis as well as what to do when they miss the mark. We offer fresh insight and humor that allows the reader to engage in the story and to feel that they are sitting in a counseling session with Aaron on a one-on-one basis.

Coming fall 2017!